Specialist Services

  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
    With the evolution of the traditional PBX (Telephone systems) to a network server based solution which integrates into your network infrastructure it makes perfect sense to get your IT solutions provider to implement and manage VoIP systems.  EliteIT specialise in Networks, Servers and VoIP.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    Business that need to access their system from any location will find a VPN a huge asset.  We can combine a VPN with VoIP to give you access to your phone system from branch offices or home office.  A VPN connection gives you a secure tunnel into your office network.
  • Zimbra (Open Source) E-mail solutions
    Zimbra is an alternate e-mail solutions to Microsoft Exchange or Novell GroupWise.  With it’s server based central database it allows for shared calendars, central data store and Web Mail facilities.  This allows for access to your data on multiple devices and easy of e-mail data backup.
  • VMware – Virtualization
    VMWare allows IT professionals to install more that one Operating System on the same hardware.  This saves in equipment costs.  The recovery time of a Virtual Machine (VM), provided it is backed up correctly is very quick.  The (VM) is also hardware driver independent so it can be brought on-line on a different hardware platform.