Managed Services

  • Service Level Agreements
    Providing full preventative maintenance for our clients, they are able to focus on their core business and not continually maintain and trouble shoot their IT systems.  These is nothing more costly than downtime which could of been prevented by having a maintenance plan in place.
  • Hardware Audits
    Knowing you hardware state and age will benefit you by allowing planning for future replacements and make sure that your are not over insuring old equipment.
  • Software Licensing Compliance
    Microsoft have been very active in requesting software compliance audits.  It is better to know where you stand and what licenses you need to purchased and become compliant.   The alternative is that when the audit is requested you will be required to purchase the software immediately which can put a dent in your cash flow.  Non compliance will attract a hefty fine and may result in criminal charges.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
    Having a plan in place and making sure all software, license numbers, backups and step by step procedures are easily available will ensure faster recovery of you system should you experience a major disaster.
  • IT Policies & Best Practices
    Having a IT usage policy will protect your company’s Intellectual Property.  Staff will all be aware of what they are allowed to do on your IT system.  The system will be setup with standards that comply with best practices such as password policies, internet usage to name a few.

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