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Orange Pi 3 SBC Now Available, New Malware Targeting Linux Servers to Mine Cryptocurrency, Chrome OS 73 for the Dev Channel Released, Inkscape Nearing Version 1.0 Milestone and Linux 5.0-rc3 Is Out

News briefs for January 21, 2019.

Orange Pi 3 SBC is now available. Linux
Gizmos reports that the open-source hardware platform, Allwinner H6-based Orange Pi 3 SBC
is now available for $30, or for $40 with 2GB of RAM and 8G…

Microsoft plots thinner Surface keyboard

There is a constant race for ever thinner and lighter laptops, but as Apple found with their last generation of Macbook Pros messing around with the quality of the typing experience to achieve this can cause lots of ire. This does not mean companies wi…

Spotify tries to escape from your phone

Like many apps and services, Spotify’s big problem is that they are stuck on smartphones, at the mercy of the platform owners who they are in direct competition with. The solution to this is their own dedicated hardware, and according to the Fina…