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Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Released, Eclipse Foundation’s 2019 IoT Developer Survey Results, OpenSSH 8.0 Now Available, digiKam 6.1.0 Is Out and Three New openSUSE Tumbleweeds Released

News briefs for April 18, 2019.

Canonical this morning announced the release of Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo”. According to the
press release, Ubuntu 19.04 is “on open
infrastructure deployments, the developer desktop, IoT, an…

Google Won’t Allow DRM in an Open-Source Project, Collabora Announces the SPURV Project, WPS Office for Linux Version 11 Released, PyCharm 2019.1.1 Now Available, and KDE Plasma 5.15.4 Brings Many Bug Fixes and Improvements

News briefs for April 4, 2019.

Google won’t allow DRM in an open-source project. Samuel Maddock is
building a browser called Metastream, an “Electron-based (Chromium
derived), MIT-licensed browser hosted on GitHub. Its main…

Fedora 30 Beta Released, Chef Releasing All of Its Software as Open Source, elementary Adopting Flatpak for AppCenter, Unreal Engine 4.22 Now Available and VMware Lawsuit Dropped

News briefs for April 3, 2019.

30 Beta was released yesterday. Highlights include new desktop
environment choices, DNF performance improvements, GNOME 3.32 and updated
versions of many packages, such as Golang, Bash,…

Official Raspberry Pi Mouse and Keyboard Now Available, SUSE to Become Largest Independent Linux Company, Google Fixed Two Critical Android Security Vulnerabilities, Canonical Announces AWS IoT Greengrass as a Snap and Qt 3D Studio 2.3 Released

News briefs for April 2, 2019.

The official
Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse are now available. You can
purchase them now from approved
Raspberry Pi resellers. The keyboard is available in six layouts
(English (UK), English …

Linux Kernel 5.1-rc3 Is Out, Gmail Turns 15, UbuntuMATE 18.04 Beta 1 for Raspberry Pi Is Now Available, Sabayon 19.03 Released and Debian Receives Handshake Donation

News briefs for April 1, 2019.

Linux kernel 5.1-rc3 was released yesterday. Linus Tovalds writes, “The rc3
release is bigger than normal, which is obviously never
anything I want to see, but at the same time it’s early enou…

Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Beta Released, New Artwork for Mageia 7, Zorin OS Beta 15 Now Available, vChain Launches CodeNotary, and OpenSource Summit and Embedded Linux Conference Deadline for Proposals Is April 2

News briefs for March 29, 2019.

The Ubuntu team announced the beta pre-release of the Ubuntu 19.04
“Disco Dingo” Desktop, Server and Cloud products. The beta release also
includes images for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, …

OpenDaylight Neon Released, Debian Welcomes Applications for Outreachy and GSoC, Odroid-N2 SBC Now on Sale, CloudFlare Launches BoringTun and RaspAnd Pie 9 Now Available

News briefs for March 28, 2019.

LF Networking yesterday announced the release of OpenDaylight
Neon. From the press
release, “The Linux Foundation’s first networking
project and now part of LFN, OpenDaylight was founded in 2…

Vivaldi 2.4 Released, Chrome OS Stable Channel Updated to Version 73.0.3683.88, EU Parliament Approves the Directive on Copyright, Red Hat Announces Red Hat Satellite 6.5 Beta and Qtum Published an Arch User Repository Package for Arch Linux Systems

News briefs for March 27, 2019.

Vivaldi 2.4 has been released. According to the
post, this new version includes “new toolbar customization options,
bookmark management improvements, and support for multiple user p…