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Tyson Foods Honored as SUSE Customer of the Year

Every year, SUSE honors 4 companies worldwide, one in each region of the globe: Latin America, APAC,

EMEA and North America. Recipient companies are recognized for “defining the future:” using SUSE

open source solutions for IT transformation, increased business agility and continuity. 2016 award

recipients are :

  • Ach á Laboratorios Farmaceuticos S.A.


SUSE: Unleash the Tiger!

This is our first dispatch from the front lines: Washington DC. And I am not speaking of the election front lines, but of the Linux front. Linux Journal has come to SUSECon this year to, among other things, gauge the state of the world concerning all things open source. To plagiarize every president at the start of every state of the union address, the state of Linux is strong!