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Google Makes Revisions to Avoid Breaking Ad-Blocking Extensions in Chrome, Kali Linux 2019.1 Released, New Version of Cutelyst Is Out, Ubuntu Posts Security Notice for systemd Vulnerability and Applications Open for Outreachy Summer 2019 Internships

News briefs for February 19, 2019.

Google rethinks its planned changes to Chrome’s extension API that would
have broken many ad-blocking extensions. Ars
Technica reports that Google has made this revision to “ensure
that th…

Debian 9.8 Released, Kernel 5.0-rc7 Is Out, Creative Commons Update on the EU Copyright Changes, Slax 9.8 Available and Mozilla Testing Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

News briefs for February 18, 2019.

Debian 9.8 was
released over the weekend. This release mostly addresses security
issues and bug fixes. See the post for the full list
of changes and visit the mirror list to upgrade an

SUSE OpenStack Cloud v9, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Released, Happy Birthday Steam for Linux, WebKitGTK v 2.23.90 Released, Future Support of Virtual Desktops Hinted at in Chromium Codebase

SUSE OpenStack Cloud version 9 is out with its first release candidate.

After a bit of delay, Canonical just released the released Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver) packaged with a patched 4.18 Linux kernel to address the b…

RIP Dr. Bernard L. Peuto, Porting Android 9 Pie Go Stack to Rpi 3, LibreOffice v6.2 Coming Soon, Red Hat Virtualization Platform 4.3 Beta Released, Deepin Desktop Environment

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that the father and architect of the Zilog Z8000 processor, Dr. Bernard L. Peuto, has passed. Learn more about his contributions to tech and the legacy he has left here.


Microsoft Joins the OpenChain Project, Google Open-Sources ClusterFuzz, New Android Vulnerability, FSF Gives the Vikings D8 Mainboard and Workstation Its “Respect Your Freedom” Endorsement, and Fedora Is Redesigning Its Logo

News briefs for February 8, 2019.

has joined the OpenChain Project, “which builds trust in open source by
making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent”. Uber,
Google and Facebook joined it las…

LibreOffice 6.2 Officially Available, Raspberry Pi Opens a Store in the UK, Purism Announces Partnership with GDQuest to Create Games for the Librem 5, Three New Snapshots for openSUSE Tumbleweed and Document Your DNA with an RPi Gel Imager

News briefs for February 7, 2019.

Document Foundation today announces the official release of LibreOffice
6.2 with NotebookBar. This is a major new release that “features a
radical new approach to the user interface—bas…

Vivaldi 2.3 Has Arrived, Security Flaw Discovered in LibreOffice and OpenOffice, Firefox 66 to Stop Loud Videos from Playing Automatically, Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces Released and Flowblade 2.0 Is Now Available

News briefs for February 6, 2019.

Vivaldi’s first
release of 2019 arrived this morning. Version 2.3 introduces
“a unique way to ‘auto-stack’ tabs that streamline your workflow even
more. We’ve also added new ways to access …