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Qt Announces Qt for Python, All US Publications from 1923 to Enter the Public Domain in 2019, Red Hat Chooses Team Rubicon for Its 2018 Corporate Donation, SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1 Released and Microsoft Announces Open-Source “Project Mu”

News briefs for December 20, 2018.

Qt introduces Qt for Python. This new offering allows “Python developers
to streamline and enhance their user interfaces while utilizing Qt’s
world-class professional support services”. Acc…

Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa” Cinnamon Now Available, VirtualBox 6.0 Officially Released, Facebook’s Data-Sharing Deals, Purism’s Librem 5 Dev Kits Shipping and Open Compute Project’s Future Technologies Symposium Call for Poster Submissions

News briefs for December 19, 2018.

Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa”
Cinnamon was released today. This is a long-term
support release, which will be supported until 2023. New features include a
brand-new panel layout, the Nemo file ma…

Purism Introduces “It’s a Secure Life” Bundle Sale, Wave Computing Open-Sourcing MIPS, Red Hat Announces Long-Term Commercial Support for OpenJDK on Microsoft Windows, ArchLabs 2018.12 Now Available and RawTherapee 5.5 Released

News briefs for December 18, 2018.

Purism is
introducing “It’s a Secure Life” bundles from now until January 6.
The bundles are 15%–18& off, and they can be made up of different combinations of the
Librem 5 smartphone (preo…

Linux 4.20 rc7 Is Out, the Skrooge Team Announces the 2.17.0 Release of Its Personal Finance Manager, Confluent Has a New Confluent Community License, Pixel Wheels Racing Game has a New Release and Debian Installer Buster Alpha 4 Is Now Available

News briefs for December 17, 2018.

4.20 rc7 was released yesterday. Linus Torvalds writes “This is a *tiny*
rc7, just how I like it. Maybe it’s because everybody
is too busy prepping for the holidays, and maybe it’s b…

Epic Games’ Free Cross-Platform Service Coming in 2019, Harness Announces New 24-7 Service Guard, Vivaldi Version 2.2 Released, KDE Applications 18.2 Are Out and Valve’s Steam Link App for RPi Officially Available

News briefs for December 14, 2018.

Games recently announced it’s working on a free cross-platform
service for 2019: “Throughout 2019, we’ll be
launching a large set of cross-platform game services originally built for

Opera Launches Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android, ManagedKube Partners with Google Cloud to Provide a Monitoring App for Kubernetes Cluster Costs, QEMU 3.1 Released, IoT DevCon Call for Presentations and GNOME 3.31.3 Is Out

News briefs for December 13, 2018.

Opera announced today the launch of a built-in cryptocurrency wallet
for Android. According to The
Verge, “The wallet will first support ethereum, with support for other
coins likely to com…

Firefox 64 Now Available, SoftMaker Office Announces “Load and Help” Fundraising Campaign, the Joint Development Foundation Has Joined The Linux Foundation, Google+ to End in April 2019 and Valve Releases Proton 3.16 (Beta)

News briefs for December 12, 2018.

Firefox 64
was released yesterday. New features include multiple tab selection,
Developer Tools improvements, standardizing proprietary styling features,
updated privacy features and much m…

Vote for Linux Support on Adobe, Nextcloud 15 Now Available, LF Deep Learning Foundation Introduces Interactive Deep Learning Landscape, Canonical Announces Full Enterprise Support for Kubernetes 1.13 on Ubuntu and Icinga Director 1.6 Released

News briefs for December 11, 2018.

Adobe customer care says there hasn’t been enough demand for Linux, Phoronix
reports. But, if you’re interested in Linux support on Adobe Premiere CC,
you can “upvote that feature request” …

Cumulus Networks Partners with Lenovo, Unvanquished Game Announces First Alpha in Almost Three Years, KDE Frameworks 5.53.0 Released, Git v2.20.0 Is Now Available and Major Milestone WordPress Update

News briefs for December 10, 2018.

Cumulus Networks is partnering with Lenovo to deliver open data-center
networking switches. According to the press
release, through this
partnership, “Lenovo will offer ThinkSystem RackSwi…

Feral Interactive Bringing DiRT 4 to Linux in 2019, Chrome 71 Blocks Ads on Abusive Sites, New Linux Malware Families Discovered, The Linux Foundation Launches the Automated Compliance Tooling Project, and GNU Guix and GuixSD 0.16.0 Released

News briefs for December 7, 2018.

Feral Interactive announced this morning that DiRT 4 is coming to Linux
and macOS in 2019. The all-terrain motorsport game was originally developed
by Codemaster and boasts a fleet of more t…