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Debian Announces Interns for Outreachy and Summer of Code, Unity Editor for Linux Now Available, DistroWatch Turns 18 Today, Google Announces New Privacy Protections for Chrome Extensions and KStars v3.2.3 Released

News briefs for May 31, 2019.

announces it has chosen seven interns—two people for Outreachy and
five people for the Summer
of Code. See the post
for the list of interns and the projects they’ll be working on.


Dell Announces More Ubuntu-Based Precision Developer Edition Laptops, Mozilla’s Alan Davidson Testifies on Internet Privacy, Canonical Announces the Release of Multipass 0.7.0 Beta, GParted Reaches 1.0 Milestone and New HiddenWasp Malware

News briefs for May 30, 2019.

announces its Precision 5540, Precision 7540 and Precision 7740 developer
edition laptops, the next in the line of Dell’s Ubuntu-based Precision
mobile workstations. From the announcement:…

GNOME 3.33.2 Released, Krita 4.2 Debuts, RPi Camera Modules on RPi Zeros Power the Penguin Watch Project, Intrinsyc Switches Its Home Automation Dev Board from Android Things to Linux and Intel Hosting a Clear Linux OS Meetup Today

News briefs for May 29, 2019.

GNOME 3.33.2 was released yesterday. This marks the second development release of
the 3.34 GNOME desktop, which is expected to be available this fall. According to Softpedia
News, “GNOME 3.33.2…

Kernel 5.2-rc2 Is Out, Ubuntu Security Team’s New Podcast, the E Foundation’s Refurbished Phones with /e/ OS Available Soon, Mozilla Announces Firefox 68 Beta 6 Test Day and PostgreSQL 12 Beta Released

News briefs for May 28, 2019.

Kernel 5.2-rc2 was released over the weekend. Linus Torvalds writes: “Hey, what’s
to say? Fairly normal rc2, no real highlights – I think
most of the diff is the SPDX updates.
Who am I kidding?…

ZFS On Linux 0.8 Released, BlackArch Linux 2019.06.01 Now Available, Canonical Releases Updated intel-microcode Firmware, Peppermint 10 Is Out, and Guardian Digital Celebrates 20 Years of Email Security with the Power of Open Source

News briefs for May 24, 2019.

ZFS On Linux 0.8 has been released. This new version supports up through the 5.1
stable series. Phoronix
reports that “ZFS On Linux 0.8 adds native encryption support as well as raw
encrypted Z…

GitHub Launches New Sponsors Tool, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Is Out on Linux, IBM Announces Expansion of its IBM Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, Elisa 0.4.0 Released and NASA Deploys Astrobee Robots Running Ubuntu on the Space Station

News briefs for May 23, 2019.

GitHub launches a new tool called Sponsors that lets you make payments to
open-source developers. Tech
Crunch reports, that “Developers will be able to opt into having a ‘Sponsor
me’ button on t…

The Antergos Distro Is Ending, HP Linux Imaging and Printing Software Updated to Version 3.19.5, Kail Linux 2019.2 Is Out, Tails 3.14 Released and openSUSE 15.1 Leap Is Now Available

News briefs for May 22, 2019.

The Antergos Linux distro is calling it quits. The developers of the
Arch-based distro say they no longer have time to maintain it properly, and
are taking the action now while the code is stil…

Firefox 67.0 Released, ownCloud Announces New Server Version 10.2, Google Launches “Glass Enterprise Edition 2” Headset, Ubuntu Expands Its Kernel Uploader Team and Kenna Security Reports Almost 20% of Popular Docker Containers Have No Root Password

News briefs for May 21, 2019.

Firefox 67.0 was released today. From the Mozilla
blog: “Today’s new
Firefox release continues to bring fast and private together right at the
crossroads of performance and security. It includes…

Kernel 5.2-rc1 Is Out, Xfce 4.14 Pre-Release Now Available, Microsoft Open-Sources Its SPTAG Algorithm, South Korean Government Switching to Linux and Arduino Launches Four New Nano Boards

News briefs for May 20, 2019.

Linux kernel 5.2-rc1 is out. Linus
Torvalds writes: “Things look fairly
normal. Just about two thirds of the patch is
drivers (all over), with the bulk of the rest being arch updates,
tooling, …

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Buy Cray, ManagedKube Launches k8sBot, Purism’s Librem One Suite Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal, Cloudflare Announces Support of BinaryAST and the Zombieload Intel Processor Vulnerability

News briefs for Friday, May 17, 2019.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to buy Supercomputer-maker Cray. Bloomberg
reports that the deal is “valued at about $1.4 billion as the firm works to
become more competitive in high-end comp…